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Navigating Bullying and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace


Stay ahead of workplace dynamics with HR Connect’s webinar on ‘Bullying & Harassment in the Workplace 2024.’ Join our expert HR advisors, Giuliana Romeo and Timothy Miller as they delve into the critical issue of workplace conduct, providing insights and strategies to create a culture of respect, inclusivity and compliance.

Our experts will unpack changes to recent legislation surrounding workplace bullying and harassment, including:

  • An overview of the latest developments and updates in bullying and harassment legislation
  • Recognising and addressing various forms of workplace bullying and harassment
  • Legal obligations for employers in handling complaints and investigations
  • Cultivating a positive workplace culture that promotes dignity and respect

Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools needed to create a workplace free from bullying and harassment. This webinar is tailored for HR professionals, managers, and business owners committed to ensuring a safe and respectful working environment for all employees.


If you know a colleague or friend that might also be interested in our webinar, please send them the Recording Link.

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